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Content Marketing is my favorite Digital Marketing Strategy by far. Every business should have a blog on their website, but many entrepreneurs and ministries are intimidated by this.

Pamela Wilson first taught us about Content Marketing in her book, Master Content Marketing. She now has a excellent follow-up book called Master Content Strategy.

Are you convinced there’s more to online publishing than social media?

Do you want to build a strong foundation online by publishing your content on your own website?

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of creating fresh content consistently?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, please read Master Content Strategy by Pamela Wilson. She’ll give you the strategies and confidence you need to succeed.

Here are 7 takeaways from Pamela’s book, Master Content Strategy:7 Takeaways from Pamela Wilson's book Master Content Strategy

    1. “When you optimize your content so it’s easy to find, that content 
will bring the right people to 
your website for years 
to come.”

      If your website is the hub of your business, you want readers to find you through the use of smart Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, not just through paid ads. You will reap the benefits of this strategy for years to come.

    2. Your content strategy will change and adapt as your website and business mature.

      This is a good thing.

      Pamela clearly identifies the best content strategies for your business, whether your blog is brand new OR you’ve been blogging for years. The checklists she provides for every stage are fantastic!

    3. “Your goal on a 
brand-new site 
is to fill it 
with [quality] 
as soon as 
you can.”

      For a new website, Pamela recommends posting fresh content once per week. What if you start strong and have to take a break? (like me…) Just pick up the weekly posts where you left off and keep going. Nobody is perfect.

    4. “Your email marketing list is a business asset you own 100%. Social media networks lend you 
space on their 
platforms, but they 
reserve the right to 
close your account 
there at any time. “

      I’ve talked about this point before in a previous blog post and I was really glad to see Pamela stress this point. It’s important!

    5. “See your content as a 
body of work that 
- as a whole – 
supports your 

      This relieves the pressure from trying to make everything perfect. Some articles will be better than others. Some images will be stunning, while others might be less-than. That’s okay.

      Your goal is to create a body of work that reaches the heart of your audience.

    6. Write for readers at every level of awareness.

      For several reasons explained in her book, Pamela suggests that we create content for readers (or listeners or viewers) at every level of awareness. Her recommended publication types are as follows:
      Beginner content: 50%
      Intermediate content: 30%
      Advanced content: 20%

    7. “Social shares and traffic do matter – but last I checked, 
my bank wouldn’t allow me to deposit them 
in my checking account!”

      This is so important. Too many entrepreneurs and ministries think that all they need to do is post to social media. Then they judge their effectiveness by their number of likes.


      At some point, your online marketing efforts need to help increase your revenue. One very cost-effective way to do this is with an email list that you build on your website.

Book Review image Pamela Wilson Master Content Strategy

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