Data collection from every aspect of your online life can be annoying. You don’t know who has it, what they have, what they do with it, etc.

Here’s the deal:

  • You don’t wanna be tracked? We don’t want to track you.
  • Don’t want emails from us? We don’t want to email you!

It’s that simple. In fact, here’s our privacy promise to you below, without all the legalese:

TL;DR Version


  • YES, we use those cookie things everybody is talking about.
    • Specifically for Analytics – knowing how often people visit this site, what pages are read, and maybe how they found us. (i.e. Facebook, Email link, Google Search, etc).
    • Knowing how people find us and what topics are most popular help us write better content for you, our audience!
  • NO, we can’t figure out who you are based on this data.
  • NO, we won’t share the information gathered with ANYONE.
  • YES, you can delete those tracking cookies. (Check your browser’s settings to find out how)


  • YES, if you subscribe to this blog, we will send you emails.
    • That’s kind-of the point you know. =)
  • NO, we will not send you SPAM, or any unsolicited messages. Just from us, about relevant topics.
  • NO, we will not sell, give, trade, or otherwise distribute your info to anyone else for any reason.
    • That be would breaking your trust in us, and also just downright rude.
  • YES, you can unsubscribe at any time.
    • For real, no gimmicks. If you don’t want our messages, we don’t want to send it to you!
  • YES, that’s the end of the policy. It’s really that simple!